2.30.115 – Conduct, duties at emergency incidents

The Fire Chief or, in his or her absence, the officer in command at any emergency incident shall have the power to cause the removal of any property whenever it shall become necessary for the preservation of life and property or to protect the adjoining property; and may direct or cause the removal, tearing down, cutting down, of any building, structure, or fence for the purpose of checking the progress of any emergency incident. 

The Fire Chief, or any other fire officer in command at an emergency incident, may establish limits in the vicinity of any emergency incident within which no persons, except firefighters, police officers, and those admitted by any officer of the Fire Department, shall be permitted to go.

The Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs, Captains, and Lieutenants of the Fire Department shall have the power and authority to cause to be arrested any person, at or near the scene of an emergency incident, for any interference with the Fire Department in the performance of its duties or for the commission of a crime or violation of any ordinance in connection with the emergency incident.

(2008-M-3: § 12)