2.28.030 – Terms

Plan Commission members shall each be appointed for a term of four years, and their terms shall be staggered so that each year the terms of two or three members will expire.  However, the three year terms of members appointed prior to May 1998 shall continue until their expiration, and thereafter shall be converted to a four year cycle according to the following schedule:

         Two 3-year terms expiring in 1999: Four year term expiring in 2003

         One 3-year term expiring in 1999: Five year term expiring in 2004

         Two 3-year terms expiring in 2000: Five-year term expiring in 2005

         One 3-year term expiring in 2000: Four-year term expiring in 2004

The terms of all members shall expire on the first Monday in May in the last year of their respective terms, regardless of the actual date of their appointment.  Members whose terms have expired may continue to serve until a successor is appointed, except in the case of a member removed for cause.  Vacancies in an unexpired term due to resignation may be filled by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council.

(1998-M-36: § 1)