2.26.060 – Duties

The St. Charles community Youth Commission shall:

  1. Assist in coordinating and integrating governmental and private plans and services affecting the welfare of children and youth in the city;
  2. Assist in coordinating and integrating plans and services for protecting children from exposure to harmful influences and conditions conducive to delinquency in youth;
  3. Make or cause to be made studies and surveys related to youth behavior or in the interest of youth guidances;
  4. Request and obtain such cooperating, assistance and data from city departments and other public agencies as may be reasonably necessary to carry out its work;
  5. Recommend plans and methods for the improvements of opportunities for the wholesome development of youth in the community of St. Charles;
  6. Create such subcommittees or advisory committees from outside of the membership of the commission to aid and assist in the work of the commission;
  7. Establish liaison with schools, churches, and other groups interested in youth in St. Charles and the surrounding area.
(1965-7: § 7)