2.19.080 – Application for appeals or variations

  1. Any person aggrieved by any administrative action, such as an interpretation or other decision (“Decision”) made by a City officer, employee, or department, pertaining to Building Regulations, may Appeal the same by filing an Application.  All such Application shall be filed within thirty (30) days of said Decision.  Incomplete Applications or Applications filed after said thirty (30) days shall not be considered by the Board.
  2. Any person seeking a Variation from the requirements of the Building Regulations shall also make Application to the Board.
  3. All Applications shall be filed with the Building & Code Enforcement Division Office on a form provided by the same, which form shall require the following information:​The name, address, and telephone number of the applicant.
    1. A short, concise statement of the Decision appealed or Variation requested together with the applicant’s basis for the relief requested.
    2. A short, concise statement of the circumstances relevant to the Appeal or Variation, including the location of the relevant site.
    3. A copy of the Building Regulations relevant to the Appeal or Variation.
    4. A two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) administrative fee.
  4. Within fifteen (15) business days after the date of filing of an Application, the City shall determine if any additional legal, technical and staff expenses may be incurred by the City in the course of its consideration and obtain from the applicant a guarantee in a form acceptable to the City.
  5. Applications that fail to conform with the requirements of paragraphs (C) and (D) herein shall be deemed incomplete and shall not be considered by the Board.
  6. Upon the City Clerk’s determination that an Application comports with the requirements of this Chapter 2.19, the Clerk shall forward the same to the Board for consideration.