2.19.020 – Powers and duties

The Board shall have, exercise and perform the following powers, duties and functions:

  1. Receive, process, investigate, hold hearings on, make findings of fact and approve or deny, as hereinafter set forth, appeals (“Appeals”) or variations (“Variations”) from the requirements of Building Regulations.
  2. Upon the request of the City Council or Building or Fire Officials, review Building Regulations and make recommendations to the City Council as to the Amendment thereof.
  3. Render a written annual report to the City Council of its activities, and its recommendations, if any, with respect to the enforcement or amendment of any Building Regulation; and to render such reports and recommendations as the City Council may request.
  4. Keep a separate file of every Appeal or Variation requested, and keep an accurate record of all its proceedings.
  5. Exercise and perform such other and further powers, duties and functions as may be required by City Ordinance.