2.12.031 – City Administrator - Term of office

The term of the office of the City Administrator shall not be longer than the term of the Mayor appointing him or her.  The City Administrator may be removed by the Mayor whenever he or she is of the opinion that the interests of the city demand removal, provided, however, the Mayor shall report the reasons for the removal to the City Council at a meeting to be held not less than five (5) nor more than fourteen (14) days after the removal.  If the Mayor fails or refuses to report to the city council the reasons for the removal, or if the city council by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all its members authorized by law to be elected, disapproves of the removal by the Mayor, the City Administrator thereupon shall be restored to the office from which he was removed.  The City Administrator may at any time be removed from office without the concurrence of the Mayor by a two-thirds majority of the aldermen authorized by law to be elected unless the City Administrator holds a statutory municipal office wherein he or she serves at the pleasure of the Mayor.

An agreement shall define and explain conditions but may not override, modify, circumvent or subvert or otherwise limit the prerogatives of the Mayor and city council as otherwise set forth in any portion of the St. Charles Municipal Code.  Any appointment of an individual to the position of City Administrator is dependent upon the individual’s acceptance of the terms of an employment agreement.  The term of office of the City Administrator shall not be shorter than one year, unless appointed during the last year of a Mayor’s term, nor longer than the term of the Mayor appointing him or her.

(1997-M-27: § 3)