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2.04.145 – Omnibus vote

At any meeting the city council or a standing committee may by unanimous consent take a single vote by yeas and nays on the several questions of the city council passage or standing committee recommendation of any two or more of the designated ordinances, orders, resolutions or motions placed together for voting purposes in and under the designation "omnibus vote," and in such event the clerk or designee may enter the words, "omnibus vote" in the journal in each case in lieu of entering the names of the members of the city council or standing committee voting "yea" and of those voting " nay" on the passage of each of the designated ordinances, orders, resolutions and motions included in such omnibus group. The taking of such single or omnibus vote and such entries of the words "omnibus vote" in the journal shall be a sufficient compliance with the provisions of the St. Charles Municipal Code for all intents and purposes and with like effect as if the vote in each case had been taken separately by yeas and nays on the question of the passage of each ordinance, order, resolution and motion including in such omnibus group, and separately recorded in the journal. Likewise, the yeas and nays shall be taken upon the question of the passage of any other resolution or motion at the request of any Alderperson and shall be recorded in the journal.

(2022-M-10: § 6; 1988-M-40: § 1; 1979-M-9: § 1; Prior code: § 2.208(part))