2.04.140 – Order of business at meetings

        The order of business at meetings of the city council shall be as follows:

A.     Call to order;

B.      Invocation;

C.      Pledge of Allegiance;

D.     Roll call;

E.      Omnibus Vote;

F.      Presentation and approval of minutes of preceding meeting(s);

G.     Monthly reports;

H.     Old business;

I.       New business;

J.       Committee reports,

         1.      Government Operations Committee,

         2.      Government Services Committee,

         3.      Planning and Development Committee,


K.     Additional items from mayor, council members or citizens;

L.      Adjournment.

(2016-M-1: § 1; 1997-M-55: § 3; 1988-M-40: § 1; 1980-M-15: § 1)