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2.04.090 – Standing committees - Designated

The following shall be the standing committees of the city council:

  1. Planning and Development Committee.  The planning and development committee shall include and pertain to planning and development matters, zoning/annexation/boundary lines, building code enforcement, zoning map, comprehensive plan, land/cash ordinance, economic development and downtown redevelopment.
  2. Government Operations Committee.  The government operations committee shall include and pertain to the municipal code, all legal suits or questions, liquor licenses, personnel manual, labor negotiations, safety manual/programs for employees, all financial matters, budgets, IRB’s, bonding, insurance matters, inventory control and purchasing;
  3. Government Services Committee.  The government services committee shall include and pertain to police, fire, emergency services, traffic studies, youth safety, requests for community festivals, mosquito abatement, permits for fairs/carnivals, circuses, hot air balloon/seaplane landing permits, the sewer and water utility, the electric utility, all municipal property and buildings, all infrastructure within city jurisdiction (inclusive of curbs and gutters, streets, sidewalks, sewers, water lines, parking lots, etc.) all stormwater management (special service areas or otherwise), transportation matters and all public property sales.
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