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2.04.020 – Meetings - Time and place

The regular meetings of the City Council shall be held at the St. Charles Municipal Center on the first and third Mondays of every month at the hour of seven (7:00) o'clock p.m., provided that if the regular meeting falls on a Federal holiday, listed as follows, the meeting shall take place on the next secular day at the same hour:

  • the 1st day of January, commonly called New Year’s Day;
  • the 3rd Monday in January, commonly known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day;
  • the 3rd Monday in February, commonly known as Presidents’ Day;
  • the 4th day of July, commonly known as Independence Day (as observed);
  • the 1st Monday in September, commonly known as Labor Day;
  • the 11th day of November, commonly known as Veterans Day;
  • the 25th day of December, commonly called Christmas Day (as observed);

When any such holidays fall on Sunday, the Monday next following shall be held and considered such holiday.  Adjourned meetings may be held at such time as the City Council may determine.

(2011-M-2: § 1; 2004-M-11: § 1; 2000-M-24: § 1; 1988-M-106: § 1; 1986-M-2; 1975-M-18; Prior code: § 2.102)