17.28.090 – Exemptions

  1. Maintenance Operations
    The following maintenance operations are allowed and do not require a permit:
    1. Changing the advertising copy or message on an existing changeable copy sign or similar approved sign, whether illuminated or non-illuminated.
    2. Painting, repainting, cleaning, or other normal maintenance of a sign, not involving structural changes, changes to the permanent copy displayed on the sign, or changes in the electrical components of the sign.
  2. Regulatory Signs
    Signs incidental thereto for identification, informaton, directional, or public safety purposes erected or required by governmental bodies, or authorized for a public purpose by any law, statue or ordinance, such as addresses, parking regulations, traffic control signs and legal notices, including those authorized to be located in the righ-of-way are allowed and do not require a permit.
  3. Flags
    Flags displaying non-commercial content are allowed and do not require a permit.  One (1) commercial flag is allowed per non-residential lot.
  4. Non-Commericial Temporary Displays or Decorations
    1. Non-Commercial Temporary displays or decorations customarily associated with any national, state, local or religious holiday or period of observance do not require a permit and shall be erected no earlier than forty-five (45) days before and removed no later than fourteen (14) days after the holiday or period of observance.
  5. YardSigns
    Non-illuminated yard signs are allowed and do not require a permit, subject to the following
    1. Yard signs shall be no more than six square feet in area and a) if freestanding, shall not exceed 5 feet in height, or b) if attached to a building or structure, shall not exceed 10 feet above grade.
    2. Yard signs may be placed in a front yard or exterior side yard, and shall not be placed in an interior side yard or rear yard.  Yard signs shall not be located closer than 10 feet to any interior side or rear yard.
    3. There shall not be more than one such sign per lot, except that on a corner or through lot, two signs, one adjoining each street, is allowed.
    4. Yard signs shall only be posted by being staked into the ground or attached to an existing structure.
    5. During a period of 90 days preceding a local, state or national election, there shall be no limitation on the number of yard signs.
  6. Ground Signs
    Ground signs are allowed in the BL, BC, BR, OR, M1, M2, and PL districts and do not require a permit unless the sign is electrically operated or illuminated, in which case a permit is required to ensure compliance with applicable codes. Such signs shall be subject to the following:
    1. One (1) ground sign is permitted adjacent to each driveway access from a public street. One (1) additional ground sign is permitted adjacent to each intersection of driveways within a site.
    2. Ground signs shall be set back from the right-of-way a minimum of five (5) feet.
    3. Ground signs may have a maximum surface area of five (5) square feet and shall not exceed a maximum height of four (4) feet above the adjacent street or driveway grade, as measured at a point on the street or driveway pavement closest to the sign.
  7. Signs not visible from a street frontage of adjacent lot
    Signs or other miscellaneous posted information, which is intented to be viewd only from the lot where the sign is located, and that is not visible from a street frontage or adjacent lot, is allowed and does not require a permit.
  8. Window Signs
    Window Signs shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total area of the window frame on which the sign is located.  Signs that are not permanently affixed to the window do not require a permit.
(2012-Z-5: § 9; 2018-Z-10: § 2)