17.28.080 – Prohibited signs

It shall be unlawful to erect or maintain the following signs:
  1. Signs which Constitute a Traffic Hazard
    No sign shall:
    1. Obstruct free and clear vision at any street, intersection, parking lot entrance or exit, or driveway.
    2. Interfere with, obstruct the view of, or be designed so as to be confused with any authorized traffic sign, signal or device because of its position, shape or color.
    3. Make use of the words STOP, LOOK, DETOUR, DANGER or any other word, phrase, symbol or character in a manner that misleads, interferes with or confuses traffic.
    4. No sign in direct line of vision of a traffic signal shall be illuminated in red, green or amber color in such a manner that the sign illumination could be confused with the illumination from a traffic signal.
  2. Moving Parts
    No sign shall have visible moving, revolving or rotating parts or visible mechanical movement of any kind, except for the movable hands of street clocks, and movement caused by the wind in the case of banners or flags.
  3. Signs of an Offensive Nature
    No sign shall display any matter in which the dominant theme of the material taken as a whole appeals to a prurient interest in sex, or is patently offensive because it affronts contemporary community standards relating to the description or representation of sexual matters, and is utterly without redeeming social value.
  4. Obstruction of Doors, Windows or Fire Escapes
    No sign or other advertising structure shall be erected, relocated or maintained so as to prevent free ingress to and egress from any door, window or fire escape. No sign of any kind shall be attached to a standpipe or fire escape.
  5. Signs on Parked Vehicles
    No sign shall be displayed on a vehicle parked in an off-street parking or loading area, or in an outdoor motor vehicle display area, except in the following instances:
    1. The sign pertains to the sale, lease or rental of the vehicle on which it is displayed; or
    2. The sign is painted or otherwise affixed to a truck, bus or other vehicle that is used to carry goods or people or to provide services at least one day per week, as an accessory use to the business identified on the sign.
      Signs on Park Vehicles shall comply with the following standards:
    3. Signs resting on, or attached to, vehicle or trailers used as a means to circumvent the provisions of this Chapter are prohibited.
    4. Lights or other attention getting device shall  not be used to draw attention to the sign.
    5. Vehicle shall only be parked on a paved surface in designated parking spaces and shall not be parked in a front or exterior side yard, including any driveway.

(Ord. 2018-Z-10 § 2; Ord. 1991-Z-35; Ord. 1975-Z-7; Ord. 1968-30; Ord. 1960-16 § IV (M).)

  1. Portable Signs
    Portable signs are prohibited, except when authorized by a governmental agency in conjunction with construction or enforcement activities.
  2. Off-Premise Signs
    Signs which advertise a business or service not located on the same lot or within the same PUD or Shopping Center, or which otherwise do not relate to the uses permitted on the lot or within the same PUD or Shopping Center, are prohibited in all districts except:
    1. In the PL District, a Freestanding Sign may be located off-premise on an adjacent lot in the PL District.
    2. In the CBD-1, CBD-2, BL, BC, BR, M1 and M2 Districts, for lots without street frontage, in lieu of a Freestading Sign located on the lot, a Sign may be placed on a freestanding sign on an adjoining off-premise lot with street frontage in either the CBD-1, CBD-2, BL, BC, BR, M1 and M2 Districts, ubject to the authorization of the property owner.  The number of freestanding signs located on the off-premise lot shall not exceed the number otherwise premitted.  Additional sign face area for displaying the sign of the off-premise business on the freestanding sign shall be permitted, up to 50% of the maximum sign area otherwise permitted for the sign.

      Any off-premise sign that is no longer utilized shall be removed by the owner of the sign or the owner of the property on which the sign is located.
      (Ord. 2018-Z-10 § 2)

(2018-Z-10: § 2; 2014-Z-11: § 2)