17.28.020 – General provisions

  1. Violations
    It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, relocate, modify or alter any sign, or structure supporting a sign, in violation of the provisions of this Title. Signs which are not allowed by this Chapter as permitted signs or exempt signs shall be prohibited. No sign shall be placed on a lot without prior consent of the property owner.
  2. Placing Signs on Public Right of Way
    No signs shall be erected on any public right of way other than those placed by agencies of government or signs whose placement has been authorized by the jurisdiction having authority over the right of way. The City, without notice, may remove any sign placed on public right of way without authorization.
  3. View Obstruction
    All signs and attention getting devices shall comply with the sight triangle provisions of Section 17.22.010 F and the provisions of Section 12.04.200 of Title 12 of the St. Charles Municipal Code regarding corner obstructions, except that yard and ground signs otherwise meeting the requirements of this Chapter may be located within the sight triangle.
  4. Removal of Unused Structural Supports
    No foundation, pole, frame, cabinet, or other structural support for a sign shall be erected or maintained independently of a sign allowed by this Chapter. All such structural supports shall be removed at the time of removal of any sign or signs for which they provide support, except that a structural support may remain for a period of not more than 30 days following the issuance of a permit to change the face of a sign, or erect a different sign, using the same structural support.
(2018-Z-10: § 2)