17.26.120 – Retaining walls

  1. The Building Commissioner may require review of retaining walls by a structural and/or civil engineer for stability and drainage.
  2. In the CBD-1 District, retaining walls shall be of a historic character, preferably brick and mortar or cut limestone, or other material approved by the Director of Community Development.
  3. For retaining walls over four (4) feet in height, a terrace or stepping back of the wall shall be required to allow for a planting area. The terrace shall be between one-third (1/3) and one-half (½) of the total retaining wall height, as measured from the base of the wall. The planting area shall be no less than two (2) feet in width and shall be planted with a combination of turf, shrubs and perennials. This standard shall not apply to a retaining wall which forms the inside wall of a detention basin.
(2019-Z-1: § 2)