17.26.100 – Parking Lot Landscaping

  1. Screening of Parking Lots, Motor Vehicle Displays, and Drive-Throughs
    1. Screening from Public Streets
      Parking lots with more than five spaces, a Motor Vehicle Display, or a Drive-Through facility abutting a public street shall be screened to a minimum height of thirty inches (30”) for no less than 50% of public street frontage measured horizontally along the lot line abutting the street and adjoining the parking lot, Motor Vehicle Display, or Drive-Through facility, except where driveways and walkways generally perpendicular to the street are located. Screening shall be designed to soften and partially conceal the view of vehicles in parking or stacking spaces from the street. Required public street frontage landscaping may be used to meet this standard.
    2. Screening of Residential Parking Lots adjoining other Residential Uses
      Parking lots of more than 5 spaces located on a residential lot that adjoins a residential use on a separate lot shall be screened in accordance with the requirements of Section 17.26.070 Landscape Buffers, regardless of whether a Landscape Bufferyard is required.
  2. Interior Parking Lot Landscaping
    1. Landscape Islands
      1. One landscape island shall be required per ten (10) parking spaces.
      2. All rows of parking shall be terminated by a landscape island or other landscaped area, except that this requirement may be waived for islands that would obstruct an accessible route (as defined in the Illinois Accessibility Code) from handicap parking spaces to the building.
    2. Required Landscape Materials
      1. One shade tree shall be required per landscape island meeting the size standard of Section 17.26.030.K. Two shade trees shall be required within landscape islands that terminate a double row of parking.
      2. Landscape islands shall be planted with a variety of shade trees, ornamental trees, shrubbery, grasses and perennials, ground cover and other plant materials.
      3. Where the location of utilities or other required infrastructure conflicts with the placement of trees within landscape islands, required trees may be located adjacent to the parking lot.

Figure 1: Required Landscape Areas


(2019-Z-1: § 2)