17.26.090 – Public street frontage landscaping

  1. General Requirements
    Landscaping is required in the front and exterior side yard adjoining a public street right-of way in the RM-1, RM-2, RM-3, BL, BC, BR, OR, M-1 and M-2 zoning districts.
  2. Guidelines for Location and Design

    1. Shade trees, ornamental trees, evergreen trees, ornamental and evergreen shrubs, perennials, decorative walls, fencing, and berming shall be placed in naturally appearing groupings as opposed to distributed in a linear fashion. These groupings shall be placed strategically to accentuate the development’s architecture or other significant features while concealing mechanical or other physical structures that do not add to the aesthetic value of the site. The groupings shall also be designed to create visual interest by varying the heights and widths of plant materials.
    2. Types of plants chosen should be salt and drought tolerant.
    3. Types of plants and plant groupings should provide four-season color and variety in texture and shape.
  3. Required Landscape Materials
    1. One shade, ornamental, or evergreen tree is required per every 50 lineal feet of public street frontage.
    2. No less than 75% of the public street frontage as measured horizontally along the lot lines abutting the street excluding driveways shall be planted with a combination of ornamental shrubs, evergreen shrubs, and perennials. This requirement may be reduced to 40% if a minimum of 50% of the street frontage is supplemented with decorative walls, ornamental fencing, or sculptured berming, or if the design includes permanent usable open space or a focal feature visible from the right-of-way, such as water features, art, or seating areas.
(2019-Z-1: § 2; 2011-Z-1: § 24)