17.26.080 – Building foundation landscaping

  1. General Requirements
    Building foundation landscaping shall be provided around the perimeter of all new non-residential and multi-family residential buildings. In the CBD-1 and CBD-2 Districts, foundation landscaping shall only be required in a setback of 5 feet or more from the building wall to the right-of-way or property line.
  2. Guidelines for Location and Design
    1. Building foundation landscaping shall include a range of sizes and types of plants, which relate to the size of the building. Consideration should be given to including shade trees, ornamental trees, evergreens, shrubs, decorative grasses, perennials, ground cover, and flowers, in a coordinated design.
    2. Building foundation landscaping shall be continuous, except where walkways, driveways, or loading areas provide access to the building.
    3. Building foundation landscaping planting beds shall be located immediately adjoining the building wall or, where the intervening space is designed for pedestrian use, the interior side of the planting bed shall be not more than sixteen (16) feet from the nearest building wall.
    4. Turf grass shall not be counted as part of the required building foundation landscaping.
  3. Requirements for Building Foundation Landscaping
    1. The amount of plants required shall be calculated by dividing the total lineal feet of the building foundation planting beds by fifty (50). A combination of the following landscape materials shall be required per every fifty (50) lineal feet of building foundation planting bed:
      1. Any combination of two (2) shade, ornamental, or evergreen trees.  Large shrubs may be counted as required trees on a case-by-case basis where the planting of trees is impractical.
      2. Any combination of twenty (20) shrubs, bushes, and perennials. Ground covers, annuals, and turf grasses shall not count towards fulfilling this requirement.
    2. Not less than fifty percent (50%) of the total horizontal dimension of the building walls, excluding door openings, shall be landscaped. A minimum of fifty percent (50%) of walls that face a public street shall be landscaped.
    3. The minimum width of planting beds for building foundation landscaping shall be five feet (5’), measured perpendicular to the building, unless otherwise specified as follows:
      1. CBD-1 and CBD-2 Districts: No minimum width
    4. Special Requirements for the M-1 and M-2 Districts

Within the M-1 and M-2 Districts, building foundation landscaping as required in the preceding sections may be modified along walls that face lot lines which abut another lot in the M-1 or M-2 district and do not abut a street. The requirement shall only be modified for the portion of such walls located a distance greater than two times the required yard setback from any street, in compliance with the following:

  1. Where off-street parking or loading areas abut a building wall, building foundation landscaping shall not be required.
  2. Where off-street parking or loading areas do not abut a building wall, building foundation landscaping shall be required; however this requirement shall be waived if an equivalent area of landscaping is provided in an alternate location, subject to the approval of the Director of Community Development. Shade or ornamental trees may be utilized to meet this requirement at a rate of one tree per 160 square feet of required building foundation landscape area.

(2019-Z-1: § 2; 2011-Z-1: § 23; 2008-Z-29: § 2)