17.26.060 – General landscaping requirement

The minimum percentage of a lot or parcel that is landscaped shall be:

  1. 20% for a lot or parcel with on-site stormwater storage
  2. 15% for a lot or parcel with off-site stormwater storage
  3. No minimum for a lot or parcel in the CBD-1 Zoning District

If the total landscaped area resulting from the requirements of subsequent Sections of this Chapter is less than the percentage required by this Section, additional landscaped area shall be provided to meet the minimum requirement of this Section.

Landscaping to meet this requirement may include any combination of the following:

  1. Live plant materials such as trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, ground cover, turf grass, and annual plantings;
  2. Decorative surfaces such as pavers, flagstone, boulders, etc.;
  3. Stormwater detention and retention basins, including planting areas and water surface, but not including retaining walls more than three feet (3’) in height;
  4. Displays of public art, pedestrian plazas, walkways and seating areas open to the general public or to employees and patrons; and
  5. Play surfaces such as ball fields, baseball diamonds, tennis courts and other sport courts that are available for use by the general public.

Paving for vehicular access, concrete sidewalks, and curbing shall not be counted as landscaped area, except that systems designed to integrate a drivable surface with turf grass or other plant growth may be counted as landscaped area, where they are provided for emergency access routes.

(2011-Z-1: § 21)