17.26.040 – Selection and installation of plant materials

  1. Selection of Plant Material
    Plant material shall be selected for its form, texture, color, size, and suitability to local conditions. The use of native woody and herbaceous plants is encouraged, unless a more traditional approach would be more compatible with the predominant landscape design in the area, or with the architecture of the building. All plant materials shall be of good quality and of a species capable of withstanding the climate extremes of northeastern Illinois and the conditions of the site. Size and density, both at the time of planting and at maturity, shall be considered when selecting plant material. The use of drought and salt tolerant plant material is preferred. Appendix C (Plant Palette) lists recommended and prohibited plant materials. Plant materials other than those listed as recommended may be approved if consistent with the design standards and requirements of this Chapter.
  2. Shade Trees
    All shade trees shall have a minimum trunk size at planting of two and one half to three inches (2 ½” to 3”) in caliper at planting, unless otherwise specified. Minimum caliper shall be measured six inches above grade.
  3. Evergreen Trees
    Evergreens trees shall have a minimum height of six (6) feet at planting. Evergreens are useful in those areas where year-round screening and buffering is required. However, evergreens are generally incompatible with prairie plants.
  4. Ornamental Trees
    Ornamental trees shall have a minimum height of six (6) feet at planting, with the exception of true dwarf species, which may be shorter.
  5. Shrubs
    Shrubs shall have a minimum height of twenty-four inches (24”) feet at planting.
  6. Planting Beds
    Unless otherwise specified, planting beds shall be mulched with shredded hardwood mulch. Mulch shall not be used as a substitute for plant materials.
    (Ord. 2011-Z-1 § 20.)
  7. Installation
    All landscaping materials shall be installed in accordance with the planting procedures established by the American Association of Nurserymen in effect at the time the Landscape Plan is submitted. All plant materials shall be free of disease and shall be installed so that sufficient soil and water are available to sustain healthy growth.