17.26.020 – Landscape plan improvements

  1. Landscape Plan and Landscape Improvements Required
    1. A landscape plan containing the information specified in Appendix A (Submittal Items) and depicting the landscape improvements required by this Chapter (“Landscape Plan”) shall be prepared and approved in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. The improvements depicted on the approved Landscape Plan shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.
    2. A Landscape Plan shall be required as part of Design Review (Section 17.04.230) and for PUD Preliminary Plans and PUD Final Plans. If a Landscape Plan submitted at the time of building permit for a lot within a Planned Unit Development does not substantially conform to the approved Landscape Plans, it shall be submitted to the City Council as a change to the PUD Preliminary Plan, and shall be reviewed as provided in Section 17.04.430
      (Ord. 2011-Z-1 § 18.)
    3. No Landscape Plan shall be required in connection with construction of or any improvements to a detached single family or two family dwelling or lot. A landscape plan shall be required, however, for any common areas, including those within single-family subdivisions.
  2. The Director of Community Development shall consult with a landscape architect registered in Illinois, or a horticultural expert, in the review and implementation of Landscape Plans.
  3. For existing developments that lack the landscaping required by this Chapter, a Landscape Plan showing the required landscape improvements for all areas of the site to be disturbed by the proposed construction shall be required when one or more of the following conditions applies:
    1. When any new principal building is constructed on the site.
    2. When any addition to a principal building is constructed that increases its gross floor area by twenty percent (20%) or more.
  4. Resurfacing/Reconstruction of Existing Parking Facilities
    1. When an existing parking facility or Drive-Through Facility is resurfaced or reconstructed such that: the amount of pavement to be resurfaced exceeds 50% of the parking facility, the pavement is located within a required yard and/or within and/or within ten feet (10’) of the required yard, the resurfaced/reconstructed parking facility shall at a minimum conform to the following:
      1. The setback of the parking facility shall conform to the standards established in Section 17.24.010.A Existing Facilities.
      2. The adjacent yard shall be landscaped in accordance with the standards established in Section 17.26.090. A Public Street Frontage Landscaping and Section 17.26.090.B Screening of Parking Lots, Motor Vehicle Displays, and Drive-Through Facilities.
      3. No existing landscaping shall be eliminated, unless it exceeds the minimum requirements of this chapter. ”
  5. Field Adjustments to Landscape Plans
    Minor changes in planting locations that do not reduce the quantity of plant material may be approved by the Director of Community Development without amending the approved Landscape Plan. Reductions in the size of plant materials and changes to the species shown in the approved Landscape Plan shall not be permitted without submitting a revised Landscape Plan for review as a major, minor, or administrative change in the case of a Planned Unit Development, or by the Director of Community Development in the case of other property.
(2019-Z-1: § 2; 2013-Z-21: § 5)