17.24.150 – Design of off-street loading spaces

  1. Location
    1. All off-street loading spaces shall be located on the same lot as the building or use served and shall not project into a street or alley.
    2. Off-street loading spaces shall not be located within a required front or exterior side yard.
    3. All off-street loading spaces shall be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from the lot line of any lot in a residential zoning district.
    4. No permitted or required loading space shall be located within twenty five (25) feet of the nearest point of intersection of any two (2) streets.
  2. Dimensions
    All required off-street loading spaces shall be at least ten (10) feet in width and at least fifty (50) feet in length, exclusive of aisle and maneuvering space, and shall have a minimum vertical clearance of at least fourteen (14) feet.
  3. Surfacing
    Open off-street loading spaces shall be graded and paved with bituminous concrete, portland cement concrete, concrete pavers, brick pavers, or pervious pavement material.
  4. Access Control and Signage
    Each required off-street loading space shall be designed with adequate means of vehicular access to a street or alley in a manner that will provide for all truck maneuvering on private property and truck maneuvering shall not be allowed on any public street or alley. Location of off-street loading shall minimize interference with traffic movement, as determined by the City Engineer, based upon good engineering practice.
    One-way driveways shall be clearly marked with appropriate entrance and exit signs or pavement marking. If traffic in the vicinity of the site warrants the restriction of turning movements or access to or from a loading facility, as determined by the City Engineer, the property owner shall provide the signs and driveway modifications necessary to accomplish said restrictions.
  5. Pedestrian Visibility
    Notwithstanding any provision hereof to the contrary, loading facilities, driveways and drive approaches shall be constructed and maintained so that a pedestrian within ten (10) feet of the driveway is visible to the driver of a vehicle using the driveway.
  6. Drainage
    Open off-street loading facilities shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 18 of the St. Charles Municipal Code, as amended.
  7. Lighting
    Lighting installed for the purpose of illuminating off-street loading facilities shall be in accordance with Section 17.22 (Site Lighting).
    (Ord. 2008-Z-24 § 18.)
  8. Landscaping and Screening
    All loading facilities shall be screened in accordance with Chapter 17.26, Landscaping and Screening.
(2008-Z-36: § 3; 1993-Z-6: § 1,2; 1993-Z-5: § 2; 1991-Z-7: § 1; 1960-16)