17.24.130 – Recreational vehicles

  1. No recreational vehicle shall be parked on private property in such a manner as to impair the safety of pedestrians or vehicular traffic, for example, by obstructing visibility in such a manner that could impair the safe entrance and exit of any vehicle from and upon adjacent properties, or the safety of pedestrians in the public right of way or on private property.
  2. Not more than one recreational vehicle may be parked or stored outdoors on a lot in an RE, RS, or RT district. Between October 15 and April 15, a recreational vehicle parked or stored out of doors on a lot in an RE, RS, or RT district shall not be located within the required front yard or required exterior side yard, except for a period not to exceed forty-eight (48) hours within any one week period for loading and unloading.
  3. All parking and storing of recreational vehicles shall be on a hard surface such as portland cement concrete, bituminous concrete, or concrete or clay pavers; parking on gravel or crushed stone shall not be considered a hard surface.
  4. No recreational vehicle shall be used for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes in any zoning district, except in an RE, RS, RT or RM residential district a recreational vehicle may be so used for a period not to exceed (7) seven consecutive days and no more than three (3) times per calendar year.
(2008-Z-36: § 3; 2005-Z-3: § 1; 2000-Z-26: § 1; 1999-Z-7: § 1; 1960-16)