17.24.100 – Drive-through facilities

  1. Design
    Drive-Through Facilities and Car Wash establishments shall be designed so that:
    1. The minimum dimension of stacking spaces shall be nine (9) feet in width and twenty (20) feet in length.
    2. Stacking spaces shall be placed in a single line up to the point of service.
    3. Stacking spaces shall be located so that, when in use, they do not obstruct ingress/egress to the site, they do not obstruct access to required parking or loading spaces, and do not otherwise interfere with vehicle circulation on the site.
    4. Vehicle stacking and equipment associated with the Drive-Through or Car Wash shall be concealed from view from public streets and surrounding property to the greatest extent possible by their orientation, design or by screening. This will often involve orienting the Drive-Through or Car Wash to the side or rear of the building, away from the public street.
    5. On a lot in the CBD-1 District, if a Drive-Through Facility adjoins a public street, the building shall be designed to extend over the Drive-Through lanes with windows located on this building extension facing the street, in order to maintain the street wall. In the CBD-1 District, establishments shall be limited to two (2) Drive-Through lanes.
  2. Number of Required Spaces
    1. The number of required stacking spaces shall be in accordance with Table 17.24-3 (Required Off-Street Parking).
    2. For a Car Wash, stacking spaces shall begin behind the last vehicle being washed. For all other drive-through uses, stacking spaces shall include the vehicle stopped at a last point of service, such as a window.
  3. Reduction of Required Spaces
    The number of required stacking spaces may be reduced by the City Council, after receiving a recommendation from the Plan Commission, if the petitioner presents a study with quantifiable evidence based on comparable facilities that demonstrates that the number of stacking spaces may be reduced without affecting the ability of the proposed facility to meet the applicable requirements. The approval of a reduced number of stacking spaces shall apply only to the specific business for which the study was conducted.
  4. Maintenance
    The operator of the drive-through facility shall provide adequate on-site outdoor waste receptacles and shall provide daily litter clean-up along the rights-of-way abutting the property.