17.24.030 – Construction of parking and loading facilities

  1. Permit Required A Building Permit is required prior to any construction, alteration or addition of any parking facility providing five (5) or more parking spaces, and for any loading facility. For purposes of this Section, construction, alteration or addition shall include all paving of previously unpaved surfaces, placement or replacement of pavement, binder and/or surface courses, construction of curbing, installation of new parking lot landscaping, and similar activities. Construction, alteration or addition shall not include maintenance activities such as replacement of existing landscaping, repair of existing curbing, isolated pavement repairs, sealing, re-striping, or other maintenance activities.
    (Ord. 2013-Z-21 § 4.)
  2. Time of Completion The off-street parking and loading facilities required by this Chapter shall be completed prior to the issuance of the occupancy permit for the use they serve. If weather conditions do not permit such completion, the Building Commissioner may issue a temporary occupancy permit for a maximum period of eight (8) months. The off-street parking and loading facilities shall be completed prior to the expiration of the temporary occupancy permit.
(1991-Z-7: § 1; 1960-16)