17.16.010 – Purpose statements

  1. O-R Office/Research District
    The O-R Office/Research District is designed to accommodate office and certain service uses that require a percentage of lower building coverage and larger setbacks than those types of office and service uses found within the commercial districts. The O-R District is designed to provide an open, landscaped appearance along public streets and to provide a buffer area between residential uses and other commercial or industrial uses.
  2. M-1 Special Manufacturing District
    The purpose of the M-1 Special Manufacturing District is to accommodate older manufacturing areas in the City that are either in transition from manufacturing to alternative uses, or are in need of rehabilitation. The M-1 District shall provide flexibility in design and parking requirements to allow for adaptive reuse and/or redevelopment for viable light assembly, processing, heavy retail and service, and office uses.
  3. M-2 Limited Manufacturing District
    The purpose of the M-2 Limited Manufacturing District is to accommodate a wide range of manufacturing, assembly, processing, warehousing and office/research activities, both as individual users and in a business park setting. New development and redevelopment in this District shall focus on providing sufficient setbacks, and adequate landscaping and buffering from adjacent nonindustrial uses and public rights-of-way. Outdoor storage and loading, and other outdoor activities, shall be adequately screened.
  4. PL Public Land District
    The purpose of the PL Public Land District is to protect and maintain open space properties owned by the City, the Park District, the School District, and public and private recreation. The development standards are intended to provide flexibility to the governmental and semi-public entities in the use of their land while protecting surrounding residential uses.