17.06.010 – How to use this chapter

  1. Standards and Guidelines
    The Standards and Guidelines of this Chapter shall apply to applications for Building Permits and Site Development Permits as provided in Section 17.04.230 (Design Review). The Standards and Guidelines of this Chapter shall also apply to applications for Special Uses (Section 17.04.330) and Planned Unit Developments (Sections 17.04.400, et seq.).

    The provisions of this Chapter include “Standards” and “Guidelines”, both of which must be addressed in order to obtain Design Review approval. “Standards” are specific requirements that must be met. A Standard typically offers little flexibility unless options are provided within the Standard itself. A Standard may establish requirements not otherwise contained in this Title, or may refer to other requirements more fully set forth elsewhere in this Title or the St. Charles Municipal Code. “Guidelines” are descriptions of design characteristics intended to be applied with flexibility. Where a proposed design does not precisely follow the guideline, it may still be acceptable if the applicant can show how it meets the intent for that group of standards and guidelines and the purpose and intent of this Title, in particular Section 17.04.230.

  2. Applicability of Building Design and Material Standards to Existing Buildings
    Existing buildings that do not comply with the building design or building materials standards of this Chapter shall comply with the following standards:
    1. Building alterations or additions constructed primarily at the side or rear of a building may be constructed with the same design and materials as the remainder of the building, provided an addition does not exceed 50% of the gross floor area of the existing building.
    2. Any building additions to, or reconstruction of, street-facing building elevations shall comply with this Chapter to the extent practical to achieve a cohesive architectural design for the building. The Director of Community Development may grant exceptions where an applicant can demonstrate that conformance would be incongruous with the architecture of the building or would be impractical to construct (for example, re-facing a building façade with masonry material where no foundation exists to support the masonry).
(2011-Z-1: § 3 and 4)