17.04.260 – Zoning interpretations

  1. Purpose
    The interpretation authority established by this Section is intended to recognize that the provisions of this Title, though detailed and extensive, cannot, as a practical matter, address every specific situation to which they may have to be applied. Many such situations can be readily addressed by an interpretation of the specific provisions of the Title in light of the general and specific purposes for which those provisions have been enacted. The interpretation authority established herein is not intended to add or change the essential content of the Title, but is intended to only allow authoritative application of that content to specific cases.
  2. Application
    Any person having an interest in a property relating to a provision of this Title for which an interpretation is sought may file a request with the Director of Community Development. In addition, the City Council, Building and Code Enforcement Division Manager, or other City official may request that the Director of Community Development render an interpretation. Appeals of interpretations by the Director of Community Development shall be filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be final.
    (Ord. 2008-Z-32 § 6.)
  3. Procedure
    A written request for an interpretation shall be submitted to the Director of Community Development, which shall include a description of the specific situation and the section of this Title for which an interpretation is sought. The Director of Community Development shall render the interpretation within 15 days of receipt of all information necessary to render a decision.