17.04.130 – Neighborhood meeting

  1. Purpose:
    The purpose of the Neighborhood Meeting is to provide a forum for preliminary discussions between developers and nearby property owners who may be affected by a proposed development or change in use.
  2. Procedure:
    Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to host a Neighborhood Meeting prior to submittal of an application for a Map Amendment, Special Use, or PUD that involves an increase in density or intensity of use, or a change of use, compared to that which is permitted by the existing zoning. The applicant is encouraged to invite all adjacent property owners that will be required to be notified for the public hearing, and to give them an opportunity to attend a meeting at a reasonable time and place. At the meeting, the applicant should provide information regarding the proposed development or change in use and invite questions and comments from those in attendance. If an applicant hosts a Neighborhood Meeting, he shall provide a written summary to the Director of Community Development indicating how many persons attended the meeting and a summary of the discussion.