16.10.160 – Real estate conveyance requirements

All real estate conveyed to the School District or Park District pursuant to the provisions of this chapter is hereby designated “public land”. The Subdivider shall furnish the grantee with a survey of the public land to be conveyed and a commitment for title insurance from a title company licensed to do business in the state of Illinois, in the amount of the fair market value of such public land. If within thirty (30) days of receipt of the commitment, the grantee objects in writing to defects in the title, the Subdivider shall have thirty (30) additional days from the date of delivery of such written objections to cure such defects. All deeds of conveyance pursuant to this ordinance shall be recorded, at the Subdivider’s sole expense, in the office of the recorder of deeds of the county in question. All conveyances pursuant to this chapter shall

be accompanied by an appropriate affidavit of title, and shall be by warranty or trustee’s deed subject only to the following:

A.    Acts done or suffered by or judgments against the grantee, its successors and assigns;

B.     General taxes for the year of conveyance, and subsequent years;

C.     Zoning and building laws and/or ordinances;

D.    Public and utility easements of record which are reasonably acceptable to City and grantee;

E.     Conditions and covenants of record as contained only in plats of subdivision approved by             the City;

F.     Rights-of-way for drainage ditches, feeders, laterals, and underground tile, pipe or other             conduit;

G.    Such other exceptions to title that grantee shall find acceptable.

(2018-M-29: § 2)