16.10.150 – Payment of general real estate taxes and agricultural rollback taxes

General real estate taxes and agricultural rollback taxes levied or which become due because of any conveyance, against the park or school site which is conveyed, shall be the responsibility and obligation of the grantor. Grantor shall furnish evidence of payment of these taxes or deposit the amount of those taxes in escrow with the title company furnishing the preliminary report of title, requiring payment of the taxes when they become due. After payment of the taxes, evidence of such payment shall be furnished to the grantee. The amount of any general real estate taxes and/or agricultural rollback taxes for the year of conveyance shall be pro-rated to the date of the delivery of deed. The amount of the general real estate and agricultural rollback taxes shall be based on the assessor's latest known rate, value, and equalizer, if any, for the land being conveyed.

(2018-M-29: § 2)