16.10.120 – Reservation of land

A.    Park or school dedication sites shall be considered public land for purposes of this chapter. All dedication sites shall be designated as a lot on the Final Plat of Subdivision. The lot shall be identified as a park or school site, with a notation that the property is to be conveyed as public land in accordance with this Title.

B.     Whenever the St. Charles Comprehensive Plan, or the standards of the City, School District, or Park District call for a school or park site within a subdivision larger than the required land contribution, the land needed in addition to the required contribution shall be reserved on the final plat for subsequent purchase by the City, Park District, or School District. The City, Park District, or School District shall acquire the land so designated by purchase or commence proceedings to acquire such land by condemnation within one year from the date of recording of the final plat; if the land is not so acquired or condemnation proceedings are not so commenced within said one year period, the land so designated may then be used by the owners thereof in any other manner consistent with the St. Charles Municipal Code and compatible with said subdivision.

(2018-M-29: § 2)