16.10.060 – Requirements for park land dedications

A. Calculation of Requirement

The estimated ultimate population of a proposed subdivision shall bear directly upon the amount of land required to be dedicated for park purposes. The minimum requirement shall be ten (10) acres of land per one thousand (1,000) of ultimate population in accordance with the standards hereinafter set forth.

B. Park Site Size and Location Standards


Types of Park Sites

Minimum Desirable Site Area

Minimum Acreage per 1,000


1.0 acre

0.5 acres

Neighborhood Parks

5.0 to 10.0 acres

2.0 acres

Community Parks

25 acres or more

7.5 acres



10.0 acres

The size, location and shape of the park land to be dedicated shall be subject to the approval of the City Council as part of the Preliminary Plat. Prior to City Council approval of the Preliminary Plat, the City shall have received a letter from the Park District board approving the location and acreage of any park land to be dedicated. The suitability of land to be dedicated for park sites shall be evaluated by the Plan Commission and City Council according to the following standards:

  1. The site should be essentially regular in shape to facilitate maintenance and to provide the optimum opportunity for recreational use.
  2. The site should not be located on a major road when such a location would present a traffic hazard to park users.
  3. The site should not include storm water retention or detention facilities except those provided to serve the park site and shall not be subject to frequent flooding.
  4. The site should have soil and topographic conditions suitable to accommodate the anticipated facilities, including but not limited to parking areas, play fields, tennis courts, playground equipment, or other recreational facilities.
  5. The site should be located in the approximate center of the residential area to be served wherever possible, and adjacent to a school site where consistent with the school site requirements hereof.
(2018-M-29: § 2)