16.08.060 – Easements

  1. A minimum 10’ wide perimeter utility and drainage easement shall be provided around each lot in a subdivision. Easements shall be provided for all overhead or underground utility services or surface water drainage where necessary.   Where the side lot line of a detached single-family residential lot abuts the side lot line of another detached, single-family residential lot, the minimum easement width may be reduced to 5’ on each lot so that the total easement width along the common lot line is 10’ provided no utilities exist or are planned along the side lot line.  
  2. A drainage easement shall be provided where a watercourse, drainage way, channel or stream traverses a subdivision or where a wetland exists.  The easement shall include an additional area at least fifteen feet (15’) wide adjoining both edges of the area that has been affected by floodwaters or containing wetland conditions.
  3. Easements shall be provided to protect existing drainage and utility installations that traverse the property.
  4. All easement language on plats shall be as specified in Appendix B.