16.08.040 – Lot standards

  1. In general, lots should be as nearly rectangular in shape as practicable.
  2. Sidelines of lots shall be at right angles or radial to the street line, or substantially so.
  3. The minimum lot size and width dimensions shall comply with the requirements of Title 17, “Zoning” of the St. Charles Municipal Code.   
  4. Double frontage lots are not permitted except:
    1. Where lots back upon an arterial street, and vehicular and pedestrian access between lots and the arterial street is prohibited; and
    2. Where such lots shall have additional depth to allow for a protective screen planting  along the arterial frontage.
  5. Lots abutting upon a watercourse, drainage way, channel, wetland, or stream shall be of an additional depth or width to provide an acceptable building site.