16.06.040 – Final plat of subdivision

  1. General Requirements
    1. All plats shall be prepared by a professional land surveyor licensed by the State of Illinois, and shall bear the surveyor’s signature and seal.
    2. All plans shall describe an adequate number of benchmarks, with elevations referenced to mean sea level and the City’s Geodetic Control Station Network so that elevations may be checked at any point without more than one setup of a surveyor’s level.
  2. Required Information
    The Final Plat of Subdivision shall be in substantial conformance with the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision, shall show the information as stated in Section 16.06.020, and shall include the following:
    1. North direction;
    2. Scale (minimum one inch equals 100 feet);
    3. Section corners and section lines, tied into subdivision by distances and angles;
    4. Official survey monuments shown and dimensioned;
    5. All necessary easements shown and dimensioned;
    6. An accurate legal description of the entire area receiving Final Plat of Subdivision approval;
    7. Location and dimensions of the building lots, common permanent open space, existing permanent buildings, easements and rights-of-way;
    8. An open space easement on the common area assuring that the open space shall remain open for perpetuity;
    9. Building setback lines shown and dimensioned;
    10. Lot areas;
    11. Street names;
    12. Areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use, which shall be described and the purpose designated;
    13. Protective covenants lettered on the plat or appropriately referenced;
    14. Required certificates, substantially in the form set forth in Appendix B:
      1. Surveyor’s certificates (including signature and seal);
      2. Owner’s certificate (including signature);
      3. Notary certificate (including signature and seal);
      4. County Clerk certificate (including signature);
      5. Certificate as to special assessments (including signature);
      6. Certificate of County Engineer, if applicable (including signature);
      7. Plan Commission certificate (including signature);
      8. Director of Community Development or designee certificate (including signature);
      9. City Council certificate (including signature);
      10. Special Flood Hazard Area certificate (including signature);
      11. Mortgagee certificate (as required);
      12. IDOT certificate (if applicable).
    15. Final engineering plans per Section 16.06.060, “Final Engineering Plans.”
  3. Additional Delineation
    Additional delineation shall be required on a Final Plat of Subdivision as follows:
    1. Accurate angular and lineal dimensions for all lines, angles, and curvatures with functions used to describe all boundaries including perimeter survey of tract, streets, easements, areas to be reserved for public use, and other important features.  Error of closure of boundary line surveys shall not exceed one in ten thousand (one foot for each ten thousand (one foot for each ten thousand feet of perimeter survey).  Lot lines to show dimensions in feet and hundredths, and when an angle occurs in any lot line between lot corners the measurement of the angle shall be shown.
    2. An identification system for all lots and blocks.
    3. True angles and distances to the nearest established street lines and official monuments (not less than two), which shall be accurately described in the plat by location, size and elevation.
    4. Municipal, township, county, or section lines and section corners accurately tied to lines of the subdivision by distances and angles; if the section lines or corner lie within the subdivision.
    5. Accurate locations of permanent monuments for any plats of subdivision, resubdivision or rededications shall be as follows:
      1. Pipes of three-fourths-inch diameter or steel rods of one-half-inch diameter, by eighteen-inch lengths, shall be placed at the corners of each lot and block, at angle points, and at the ends and suitable intervals along curves.
      2. All U.S., state, county, City, or other official benchmarks, monuments, or triangulation stations in or adjacent to the property shall be preserved in precise position.
(2019-M-24: § 4)