16.06.030 – Preliminary engineering plans

  1. General Requirements
    1. All engineering and specifications shall be prepared by a Licensed Professional Engineer, and shall bear the engineers signature and seal.
    2. All plans shall describe an adequate number of benchmarks, with elevations referenced to mean sea level and the City’s Geodetic Control Station Network, so that elevations may be checked at any point without more than one setup of a surveyor’s level.
  2. Required Information
    The Preliminary Engineering Plans shall contain the following information:
    1. Existing Conditions:
      1. The following existing items, if within the boundaries of the subdivision, or located 100’ or less outside the boundaries are shown:
      2. Boundary lines of proposed subdivision, section and corporate lines;
      3. Previously platted streets and other rights-of-way, with improvements including location, widths, names, railroad rights-of-way, utility rights-of-way, and all easements;
      4. Existing improvements such as, permanent buildings and structures, parks and other open spaces, sanitary sewers, water mains, culverts, storm sewers, pavements, etc.;
      5. Topographic data is given in feet above mean sea level within the tract and to a distance of 100’ beyond, watercourses, wetlands and existing contours at vertical levels of not more than 2’;
      6. Survey Information – monuments and survey markers, bench mark;
      7. Natural features including watercourses, streams, swales, wetlands, floodplain, floodways and forested areas;
      8. Soil data.
    2. Proposed Conditions:
      1. Streets, street types, and street names;
      2. Name;
      3. Block layout;
      4. Proposed lots – dimensions and area;
      5. Rights-of-way;
      6. All utility easements and purposes;
      7. Building locations;
      8. Building setback, in compliance with underlying or proposed zoning district;
      9. Sidewalks and pedestrian paths;
      10. Natural features to remain;
      11. Public areas, parks, school sites, natural spaces;
      12. Location of utilities:
        1. Water main layout;
        2. Sanitary sewer layout;
        3. Storm sewer layout;
        4. Electric system.
      13. Source of domestic water supply;
      14. Provision for sewage disposal;
      15. Locations and typical street light detail, and Photometric Plan;
      16. Proposed topographic information (minimum one foot vertical), indicating:
        1. Changes in elevation;
        2. Stormwater storage facilities normal water level, high water level, emergency overflow elevation, storage volumes, and overflow routes;
        3. Retaining wall-extent, height, type and materials.
      17. Preliminary Stormwater Management Analysis and calculations;
    3. All other items listed in the Preliminary Engineering Plan Checklist set forth in
      Appendix E.