16.06.020 – Preliminary plat

  1. General Requirements
    1. All engineering and specifications shall be prepared by a Licensed Professional Engineer, and shall bear the engineer’s signature and seal.
    2. All plans shall describe an adequate number of benchmarks, with elevations referenced to mean sea level and the City’s Geodetic Control Station Network, so that elevations may be checked at any point without more than one setup of a surveyor’s level.
  2. Required Information
    The Subdivider shall submit the following information to be clearly identified on the Preliminary Plat:
    1. Name of proposed subdivision;
    2. Location given by town, range, section, or other legal description;
    3. Name and address of owner, trust, corporation or Subdivider having control of project;
    4. Name and address of the designer;
    5. North direction;
    6. Date of preparation and/or date of revision;
    7. Location map;
    8. Total approximate acreage;
    9. Existing zoning classification;
    10. Boundary lines of proposed subdivision including all section and corporate lines;
    11. Proposed Conditions:
      1. Block layout
      2. Proposed lots – dimensions and area
      3. Rights-of-way
      4. Proposed easements and easement provision language including, utility, drainage, stormwater
      5. Chart listed on the plat clearly identifying the number of the easement and the areas in square feet of each easement
      6. Building locations
      7. Building setback, in compliance with underlying or proposed zoning district
      8. Sidewalks and pedestrian paths
      9. Natural features to remain
      10. Public areas, parks, school sites, natural spaces
      11. Proposed land use for each lot, parcel, or tract shall be indicated.
  3. Supplementary Materials- In addition to the preliminary plat, the following supplementary materials shall be provided:
    1. Plat of Survey clearly delineated the existing conditions on the proposed property including:
      1. Existing buildings and structures constructed on the property;
      2. Previously platted streets and other rights-of-way including, streets, railroads, utilities, and all easements located within boundaries of the proposed subdivision and located 100’ or less outside the boundaries;
      3. Location of existing utilities including:  water, sanitary, storm sewers, and culverts;
      4. Watercourses including streams, floodway, flood plains, and wetlands;
      5. Name and seal of registered land surveyor who prepared and monumented the survey and bench marks;
      6. Natural features.
    2. Preliminary engineering plans as described in Section 16.06.030, “Preliminary Engineering Plans”.
    3. Traffic Study, unless it is determined by the Director of Community Development or Director of Public Works that a traffic study is not warranted.
    4. Utility Capacity Study, unless it is determined by the Director of Community Development or Director of Public works that a utility capacity study is not warranted.
    5. A copy of completed Land Use Opinion application as required by state law, as submitted to The Kane-DuPage Soil and Water conservation District.
    6. Outline of protective covenants, including provisions for maintenance of common space and open areas including stormwater management basins and landscaped areas.
    7. A copy of the Endangered Species Consultation Agency Action (EcoCAT) to be filed with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
    8. Any additional materials that the Community Development Director may, at his or her discretion, require.