16.04.140 – Building permits, occupancy permits, and maintenance prior to completion and acceptance of land improvements

  1. The Subdivider shall be responsible for maintenance of all Land Improvements until final acceptance of the completed improvements by the City, as specified in the Land Improvement Agreement set forth in Appendix D.
  2. No building permits within the subdivision shall be issued prior to:  (1) approval of Final Engineering Plans and Final Plat and recording of the Final Plat for the phase or unit in which the permit is requested; (2) the establishment of paved access sufficient to provide access by emergency and inspection vehicles; and (3) the water system and fire hydrants being operable within the development to provide adequate fire flow.  Determination of compliance with items (2) and (3) shall be made by the Director of Public Works, Directory of Community Development and the Fire Chief.
  3. No occupancy permit shall be issued for any building until:  (1) the streets serving the lot(s) have been constructed to a minimum of a binder paving course and (2) all required land improvements serving the lot (including but not limited to water, sewer, storm sewer and stormwater facilities) have been installed and all public land improvements have been accepted by the City; however, public sidewalks, street trees, street lighting, and parkway seeding need not be completed prior to issuance of an occupancy permit, provided a guarantee for completion of these remaining improvements has been provided.