16.04.110 – Construction of land improvements

  1. The Subdivider shall not commence construction of any Land Improvements until the following conditions have been met:
    1. The Final Plat of Subdivision for, at a minimum, the first phase of the subdivision has been recorded.
    2. Final Engineering Plans have been approved in accordance with Section 16.04.090.
    3. A Guarantee for Completion of Land Improvements has been provided and a Land Improvement Agreement has been executed per Section 16.04.100.
  2. No sanitary sewer or public water main construction shall commence until a permit is issued from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and a copy is filed with the City.
  3. The Subdivider shall take care to avoid disturbance of lot and block corners and other survey points.  Any such corners or points removed or disturbed shall be reestablished in their correct position and location before application is made for acceptance by the City.
  4. No deviations from approved plans and specifications shall be made without prior approval of the Development Engineering Divisions Manager or designee.
(2019-M-24: § 3)