16.04.050 – Pre-application meeting

  1. The pre-application meeting provides an opportunity for Subdividers to informally discuss the concept of the proposed development, and to receive preliminary nonbinding feedback regarding proposed zoning, possible variations/variances from zoning and subdivision requirements, utilities and drainage, traffic and parking, building and fire prevention code requirements, building aesthetics, landscaping, review procedures, and the information and studies that will be needed to evaluate the project. The pre-application meeting does not require a formal application or filing fee. A pre-application meeting is optional but encouraged for all applications.
  2. The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to help Subdividers to determine:
    1. Whether the proposed development generally appears to be in compliance with the provisions of this Title and other applicable ordinances.
    2. Whether any zoning amendment, variation, special use or other application may be required in connection with the proposed development.
    3. Whether the proposed development will be in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan and other adopted goals and policies of the City for development.