16.04.040 – Special subdivision procedures

  1. Combined Preliminary-Final Review Process
    At the Subdivider’s request, the City will conduct a simultaneous review of both the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision and Final Plat of Subdivision applications.  The Subdivider will not be required to submit separate plans for the two applications.  The Subdivider needs only to submit the number of plans required for the Final Plat of Subdivision application, but shall submit all required information and fees as detailed in the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision, Preliminary Engineering Plan, Final Plat of Subdivision, and Final Engineering Plan application checklists.  The Subdivider shall submit such request to the City in a written letter.
  2. Minor Subdivision
    A Minor Subdivision shall not require submittal of a Preliminary Plat of Subdivision application prior to submittal of a Final Plat of Subdivision application, nor shall it require the submittal of Preliminary or Final Engineering Plans.  A subdivision meeting all of the following criteria shall be considered a Minor Subdivision:
    1. The subdivision fully conforms to the requirements of Chapter 16.08, “Subdivision Standards and Specifications”.
    2. The subdivision will create no more than four (4) lots.
    3. No extension/creation of public improvements is required to serve the subdivision, including streets/rights-of-way or utilities.
    4. All lots in the subdivision have frontage on a public street and can be readily serviced by existing public utilities located in and adjacent to the right-of-way, or at another location on each lot.  
    5. No on-site or offsite stormwater detention/retention facilities are required to serve the subdivision.
    6. All lots meet the minimum size and dimension requirements of the applicable zoning district contained in Title 17, “Zoning” of the St. Charles Municipal Code.