15.36.110 – Residential pool - Design, construction and material standards

Design, construction, equipment and material standards for residential swimming pools as promulgated by the State Department of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health, and appropriate provisions of this Title 15, "Buildings and Construction" of the St. Charles Municipal Code shall govern the design, construction and operation of swimming pools.  No permit to construct, alter, or remodel shall be granted unless the pool conforms with these standards.  The standards shall cover but not be limited to the following items:

  1. Structural design;
  2. Dimensional design;
  3. Materials of construction;
  4. Deck equipment (steps, ladders, stairs, diving boards and platforms);
  5. Fences, enclosures and safety equipment;
  6. Electrical requirements;
  7. Water supply;
  8. Inlets and outs with the following specific requirements:
    1. Inlets.  Pools shall be equipped with suitable facilities for adding make-up water as needed.  There shall be no cross connection between the water supply line and the pool system.  If a hose connection from a sillcock or other plumbing fixture is to be used for supplying make-up water of for filling purposes, then an approved cross connection control device shall be installed between the sillcock or control valve at the fixture on the hose connection.
    2. Outlets.  Pools shall be equipped with facilities for completely emptying the pool and the discharge of the pool water to the storm sewer.  No direct connection shall be made to the sanitary sewer.  Backwash water is to be discharged indirectly to the sanitary sewer.  Drainage of any pool shall be carefully controlled and provided for so that such drainage shall not cause flooding or damage to adjacent property.
  9. Recirculation system (piping, fittings, filter, skimmers);
  10. Skimmers;
  11. Filters;
  12. Pumps and strainers;
  13. Valves;
  14. Chemical treatment and disinfection;
  15. Chemical feeding equipment;
  16. Testing equipment;
  17. Wastewater disposal;
  18. Lifesaving and emergency equipment;
  19. Accessibility to telephone;
    1. Posted emergency
    2. Service telephone numbers,
    3. Fire,
    4. Police,
    5. Ambulance,
    6. Hospital.
(1989-M-76: § 1; 1973-M-4: § IV; Prior code: § 13.613)