15.36.100 – Plans and specifications - Contents - Waiver of requirement

  1. The plans shall be drawn to scale and accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review of the plans including the piping and hydraulic details and shall include:
    1. Plan and sectional view with all necessary dimensions of the pool;
    2. A piping diagram showing all appurtenances in sufficient detail as well as pertinent elevation data to permit a hydraulic analysis of the system, including details of water supply systems and drainage and wastewater disposal systems;
    3. The specifications shall contain details and catalog identification on all treatment equipment used.
  2. Where the permit sought is for the construction, erection, or assembly of a swimming pool in the form of a complete kit or package sold as a unit, whether above, on, or below ground, the above set-forth requirements as to the submission of plans and specifications shall be waived if there is on file with the building department the plans, specifications, adequate supporting data and the like as may be supplied by the manufacturer or vendor of the kit or package.
(1989-M-76: § 1; 1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.612)