15.36.040 – Construction of residential pool - Submittal of plans and specifications - Permit issuance upon approval of plans

No person shall begin construction of a private residential swimming pool or shall substantially alter or reconstruct any such pool without first having submitted plans and specifications to the building department for review and approval and without having received a permit from the building department for construction.  The plans shall be prepared by a registered architect or professional engineer.*  All plans and specifications shall be submitted in duplicate (or additional copies as specified) and the building department shall arrange for review and approval of the plans and specifications by other appropriate departments concerned with such matters as zoning, electrical, structural, and plumbing requirements.  A permit to construct, alter, or renovate shall be issued by the building department following approval of the plans including such approvals as may be required by other departments.

    *The determination as to qualifications shall be based on state laws or regulations.

(1973-M-4: § III (Part); Prior code: § 13.607)