15.28.040 – Limits for the storage, handling, processing, manufacturing and transportation of flammable, hazardous or toxic chemicals, liquids and gases

  1. Prohibited Storage of Explosives and Blasting Agents. The storage, handling and use of explosives and blasting agents are hereby prohibited.
  2. Prohibited Storage of Flammable and Combustible Liquids. The storage of flammable and combustible liquids in outside, above-ground tanks is hereby restricted as follows: As approved by the Fire Prevention Code by the City of St. Charles, Illinois 60174. See F-2206.2.3.
  3. Prohibited Storage and Manufacturing of Fireworks. The manufacture, sale, handling, use or storage of fireworks is prohibited within the corporate limit of the City of St. Charles. See F-5601.2, Explosives & Fireworks.
  4. Restricted Bulk Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gases. The bulk storage of liquefied petroleum gases in excess of 1000 gallons of water capacity is hereby prohibited.
  5. Motor Vehicle Routes for Transporting Hazardous Chemicals and Other Dangerous Articles Including Liquefied Petroleum Gases and Combustible and Flammable Liquids. Routes for vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals and other dangerous articles including combustible and flammable liquids are hereby established as follows:
    1. Routes approved by the state or federal governments.
    2. No tank vehicles shall be parked for over one hour or left unattended at any time.
(2016-M-9: § 1; 2010-M-44: § 1; 2004-M-76: § 1; 1988-M-15: § 1; 1978-M-37: Art. 4)