15.08.290 – Multiple dwelling - Sliding glass doors

  1. Sliding glass doors shall meet or exceed the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association standards as set forth in their bulletin, AAMA 1303.3-1971.
  2. All single sliding patio doors shall have the moveable section of the door sliding on the inside of the fixed portion of the door.
  3. Dead locks shall be installed on all single sliding patio doors. The lock shall be operable from the outside by a key utilizing a bored lock cylinder of pin tumbler construction. Mounting screws for the lock case shall be inaccessible from the outside. Lock bolts shall be of hardened steel material insert or bore and shall engage the strike sufficiently to prevent its being disengaged by any possible movement of the door with the space of clearances provided for installation and operation. The strike area shall be reinforced to maintain effectiveness of bolt strength.
  4. Double sliding doors must be locked at the meeting rail and meet the locking requirements in subsection C of this section.
(1978-M-48: § IV Art. 26)