15.08.280 – Multiple dwelling - Entrance doors to individual units

  1. In hotels, motels and multiple-family dwellings, locks on entrance doors to individual units shall have dead bolts with one-inch throw and hardened steel inserts in addition to dead latches with one-half inch minimum throw. The locks shall be so constructed that both dead bolts and deadlatches can be retracted by a single action of the inside knob. Alternate devices to equally resist illegal entry may be used if approved by the enforcing authority.
  2. All doors shall be of solid core with minimum thickness of one and three-quarters inch.
  3. Vision panels in individual entrance doors or within forty inches of the inside activating device shall be of rated burglar-resistant glazing material.
  4. An interviewer or doorscope shall be provided in each individual unit entrance door which does not contain a vision panel.
  5. Doors swinging out shall have nonremovable hinge pins, and/or steel dowels projecting a minimum of one-half inch from one hinge plate into the opposite hinge plate.
  6. In-swinging doors shall have rabbeted jambs.
  7. Jambs for all doors shall be so constructed or protected as to prevent violation of the function of the strike.
  8. Cylinder guards shall be installed on all mortise-type or rim-type cylinder locks whenever the cylinder projects beyond the face of the door or is otherwise accessible to gripping tools.
  9. Door frames shall be of steel or wood and be so reinforced as to prevent spreading.
(1978-M-48: § IV Art. 25)