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15.08.230 – Private dwelling - Exterior doors

  1. Exterior doors and doors leading from garage areas into private dwellings shall be of solid core no less than one and three-fourths-inch thickness.
  2. Exterior doors and doors leading from garage areas into private family dwellings shall be equipped with a dead lock with a minimum one-inch throw and dead locking latch. Dead bolts shall contain hardened inserts, or equivalent, so as to repel cutting tool attack. Mortise-type locks may be used if the above described requirements are met.
  3. Vision panels in exterior doors or within forty inches of the inside activating device must be of rated burglar-resistant glazing material.
  4. Exterior doors swinging out shall have nonremovable hinge pins and/or steel dowels projecting a minimum of one-half inch from one plate into the opposite plate of the hinge.
  5. In-swinging doors shall have rabbeted jambs.
  6. Jambs for all doors shall be so constructed or protected so as to prevent violation of the function of the strike.
  7. Cylinder guards shall be installed on all mortise locks whenever the cylinder locks project beyond the face of the door or is otherwise accessible to gripping tools.
(1978-M-48: § II Art. 20)