15.08.190 – Commercial building - Roof openings

  1. All glass skylights on the roof shall be secured as follows:
    Skylight units, or portions of openings utilizing transparent panels, shall be provided with burglar-resistant glazing material, meeting or surpassing Underwriters' Laboratory test 972. The skylight unit shall be securely fastened to the roof in such a manner as to prevent removal from the exterior by a person using common tools.
  2. All hatchway openings on the roof shall be secured as follows:
    1. If the hatchway is of wooden material, it shall be covered on the inside with at least sixteengauge sheet steel or its equivalent, attached with screws on minimum six-inch centers or atleast seventeen-gauge sheet steel or its equivalent, attached tot he outside by rounded head flush bolts or vandal-proof screws.
    2. The hatchway shall be secured from the inside with a slide bar or slide bolts. The use of a crossbar or padlock must be approved by the fire chief.
    3. Outside hinges on all hatchway openings shall be provided with nonremovable pins when using pin-type hinges, and/or a steel dowel projecting a minimum of one-half inch from one plate into the opposite plate of the hinge.
  3. All air duct or air vent openings exceeding eight inches by twelve inches on the roof or exterior walls should be secured as follows:
    1. Iron bars of at least one-half inch round or one inch by one-quarter inch flat steel material spaced no more than five inches apart and securely fastened; or
    2. A steel grill of at least one-eights inch material or two-inch mesh and securely fastened.
    3. If the barrier is on the outside, it shall be secured with rounded head flush bolts on the outside.
(1978-M-48: § II Art. 16)