15.08.050 – Definitions

For the purpose of this chapter, certain terms are defined as follows:

  1. "Accessible" refers to any opening in the exterior of a building larger than eight inches by twelve inches; e.g., door, window, transom, vent, duct, skylight, etc. that is within either:
    1. Eighteen feet from the ground or the roof of an adjoining structure;
    2. Fourteen feet from, directly or diagonally, opposite windows, fire escapes, or ledges;
    3. Within four feet of another opening larger than eight inches by twelve inches, fire escapes, or ledges in or projecting from the dame wall, or an adjacent wall and leading to another building or structure.
  2. "Burglar-resistant glazing material" means glass and glass like materials that shall comply with or exceed the Underwriters' Laboratories Standard #UL972 for burglary-resisting glazing material as follows: withstand the impact of a five-pound steel ball dropped from a height of forty feet and five impacts from a height of teen feet concentrated within a five-inch diameter area of the surface without release from the frame.
  3. "Central station" means a system in which the operations of electrical protection circuits and devices are signaled automatically to, recorded in, maintained and supervised by, a central station having trained operators and/or guards, who are employees of the Alarm Servicing and Installation Company, in attendance at all times. Guards are dispatched and/or the police dispatch center is notified of the signal received.
  4. "Combination deadlatch and dead bolt" means a device combining a deadlatch operable by knobs from inside and outside by a key, both of which can be retracted from the inside by turning the knob and from the outside by a key.
  5. "Commercial building" means any building or structure which is not defined in this section as either a private dwelling or a multiple dwelling including, but not limited to, stores, factories, warehouses, office buildings, institutions, schools, and places of amusement.
  6. "Cylinder guard" means a hardened steel ring or plate surrounding the otherwise exposed portion of a cylinder lock to prevent cutting, prying, pulling, or wrenching with common tools.
  7. "Dead bolt" means a bolt which has no automatic spring action and which is operated by a key, thumbturn, or lever and is positively held fast in the protection position.
  8. "Double cylinder dead bolt" means a dead bolt lock actuated by a key from the inside and outside.
  9. "Deadlatch" means a latch which is positively held in latched position with a strike by an added integral bolt-type mechanism and is released by a key from the outside and a knob or similar actuator from the inside.
  10. "Door scope" means a system of lenses encased for convenient installation in entrance doors permitting an inside viewer to observe a one hundred eighty degree area of the outside with the door closed.
  11. "Insert" means a hardened steel roller inside unhardened bolts to prevent bolt cutting with common tools.
  12. "Latch" means a spring-loaded device which automatically holds a swinging door shut upon closing by engaging a strike and which is released by turning a knob, lever or similar actuator from inside or outside.
  13. "Louvers" means a series of removable fixed, slated, or movable slats. Glass louvers is descriptive of jalousies. Glass, wood or metal jalousies are considered to be louvers. Awning windows having sections more than twelve inches in depth are not considered to be louvers.
  14. "Multiple dwelling" means any building or structure used to provide sleeping accommodations for more than one family unit or person who are not being detained involuntarily for medical or other care or treatment including but not limited to, hotels, motels, rooming houses, dormitories, apartments, duplexes, and townhouses.
  15. "Multiple point locks" means a system of lever-operated bolts that engage a door opening, at least at the head and sill, operated by a single knob or handle from the inside and optionally a cylinder locked handle from the outside.
  16. "Private dwellings" means any building or structure used as a residence by one family unit.
  17. "Single-cylinder dead bolt" means a dead bolt lock activated from the outside by a key and from the inside by a knob, thumbturn, lever, or similar actuator.
  18. "Sliding door dead bolt" means a single dead bolt which, after penetration of the strike, expands or is pivoted hook-type to resist sliding of the door by force.
  19. "Strike" means a stationary metal plate designed to momentarily depress a moving latch for final secure engagement requiring a separate operation for disengagement.
  20. "Rated" means as listed by Underwriters' Laboratory.
(1978-M-48: § I Art. 12)